Is your organisation considering hiring a PA? We can offer recruitment materials such as person specifications and speciality specific job descriptions.

We also provide support with shortlisting and interviewing. Please contact us on hello@londonphysicianassociate.co.uk to arrange a meeting with one of our team to provide free advice regarding how a PA might fit into your team.

Our next employer's event will be on 21.07.2022. This will be aimed at primary care. To sign up for the event please click on the clink below

Physician associate primary care employers event

Educational supervision:

Once your PA starts working with your team, you will need to provide regular meetings with them. This is beneficial for both parties and helps to develop the working relationship. Newly qualified PAs can use the internship document provided by the FPA to give a structured approach to their first year of practice where they will be consolidating their knowledge. How often you meet with your PA is dependent on your working pattern, for example, if you're working together every day then these meetings would need to be less frequent.

All PAs need a yearly appraisal with a suitable personal development plan. Currently, there is no national portfolio for PAs so appraisals may be completed on the local platform or on the FPA professional toolkit document. Job satisfaction and a good working relationship with their supervisor will ensure that your PA remains in post for a significant period.