Employer Resources

Employer Resources


The London Physician Associate Ambassador program has produced this series of documents to provide in-depth support to hospital Trusts within Greater London, to develop, employ, support and train a growing workforce of Physician Associates.

These documents have been brought together to address the findings identified in the '2021 Demand Mapping Survey report of Physician Associates' highlighted key areas which hospitals frequently find challenging when employing Physician Associates.


These resources are designed to be used by trusts, from a directorate level down to the employing managers, supervisors and consultants when recruiting a new PA and/or those with an existing PA workforce.

Recruiting PAs

Example JDs

Example PA JD in Emergency Medicine
Example PA JD in Acute Medicine
Example PA JD in Paediatrics
Example PA JD in Primary Care
Example PA JD in Psychiatry
Example PA JD in Surgery
Lead 8a JD in Emergency Medicine
Chief PA 8b JD in Secondary Care

Workforce documents

Example Structure for Physician Associates In Secondary Care
Business case for PAs in Acute Medicine (Leeds)
Medical Associate Profession (MAPS) role comparison document
PA case studies and role information document
Quantitative impact report (UCLH)

Supporting, Managing, and Developing PAs

HEE Primary Care Handbook for PAs
How to code for physician associates on ESR
Physician Associate supervision guidance